Candidate Chris Elmore

Chris Elmore is a 15 year old boy who has started campaigning in his small town of Carmel, Indiana.

Chris Elmore is a common sense conservative, who believes in many of the conservative values, but is moderate in his beliefs. Chris believes in conservatism because of his father's life story:
Edward Elmore grew up in East Alton, Illinois in the St. Louis area and grew up in a house of 5. 

When Ed was 9 years old he had to go and work on a paper route to make money. Every penny of that, he earned. And ever since he was 9 years old he has worked. He has worked for 39 years, and has many more to go before retirement. Edward Elmore now lives in a nice house, with a stable job, and can provide for his family. 

Chris questions why the government should be able to take his hard earned cash, and put it towards giving other people entitlements such as college and health-care. Chris wants to bring change by running for office and standing for conservatism beliefs and fairness.

The Fair Candidate


"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

Ronald Reagan